Our Difference

Looking for an Amazing Apartment That’s Close to Everything? Call metropolitanFlats!

Apartments in Metro Detroit - Modern & Stylish | Metropolitan Flats - our-difference-lafayette-exteriorModern Apartments in Berkley and Royal Oak- perfect for walking, commuting, living.

MetropolitanFlats is a new concept of living that's as fresh as the latest Instagram. It starts with being close to what's happening morning and night. It includes living spaces filled with the right amount of space - and the good stuff.

Like real wood floors, stainless appliances, subway tile? Our apartments that are all new on the inside and full of character on the outside. Prefer to live in a place where your requests are answered quickly? Our amazing team is really reliable- we take care of the details and upkeep 24/7, so you can take care of more important things in life- like life. 

Some call all that impossible. We call it metropolitanFlats.

3 Apartment Communities in the Hottest Locations!

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