Types of Workouts You Can do in Your Apartment

A woman does yoga on a mat in front of a laptop in a smaller room. Working out has incredible benefits for you. From improved sleep and motivation to better digestion and overall health, exercise offers you a chance to get more from life. Unfortunately, gym costs can be high, and the commute after a long day of work may be asking too much. 

Building a workout routine at home can be tough to work in an apartment lifestyle. Keep reading to learn the best types of workouts that you can do in your apartment. 


Yoga is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and balance while working to slow your brain down mindfully. The quiet nature of yoga makes it appealing to use in an apartment setting. If you are starting, there are tons of apps for your phone and Youtube videos to try out. Try out a few types of yoga and teachers until you find one that works best with your style at your current exercise level.

Bodyweight Workouts

From push-ups and planks to squats and wall-sits, there are many options for you to challenge your muscles at home. Avoid jumping activities to be kind to your neighbors. Pro-tip, get an exercise mat to be easy on your back and knees while keeping some of your sweat off the carpet or flooring. Similar to yoga, there are many resources available online. Find a trainer you like or pick and choose the exercises you like and string together a workout of your creation. 

Light Equipment: Exercise Bands and a Pull-Up Bar

Maybe you are ready for different equipment to add more options to your workout. You can add resistance to just about any movement with exercise bands. Exercise bands offer options that are good during recovery or strength training options for experienced athletes. Try stretching the band between your ankles or forearms and from a table leg to your leg. 

The pull-up bar can be added to any doorway and offer you the chance to do different types of pull-ups or chin-ups. Make sure to get a bar that is removable so you can avoid banging your head and save on your deposit. 

Exercise Bike

For those looking to have a more challenging exercise for intense cardio work, try an exercise bike. An exercise bike offers you the chance to get miles of a workout done without moving from your living room. Many exercise bike models can easily break down for simple storage. The breakdown will help you expand your workout options without taking up a permanent place in your living room

MetFLATS offers several different living options for people looking for an apartment that works for them, their potential roommates, and their families. Our spacious apartments have the room for you to live the type of home life you want, including home workouts. 

Give us a call today at (248) 588-1488 to schedule a walkthrough of one of our units. 

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