Brightening Up A Low Lit Apartment

Your apartment is the apple of your eye. The lighting in your home, however, could use a bit of work. Here are five ways to make your apartment the epitome of brightness.

1. Invest in sheer curtains

They may not provide much in terms of privacy, but sheer curtains are the go-to thing when you want to let a bit of natural light in. White is the best color to choose when your apartment is dim like a dungeon since its brightness further bolsters the sun’s rays.

2. Consider painting the place

Many apartments come with the standard white walls that are pretty boring and sometimes further contribute to the overall dullness of the situation. You may want to consider neon colors when you are trying to lighten things up. Green, Yellow, and Red are colors that are both bright and fairly easy to match with other base colors.

3. Upgrade your light fixtures

You may not be able to swap out your light fixtures for chandeliers in an apartment. You can, however, invest in covers that speak of your personality all while letting more illumination come through. Consider lamps that take up little space as well as wall fixtures that house the light bulb in crystal, clear glass.

4. Consider rugs and other accessories

You never know how far artificial flowers go to liven up a room until you place a vase of such accessories on your kitchen table and watch the magic flow out of them. Rugs are equally instrumental in adding a bit of coloration to your otherwise dim apartment as the small pieces of cloth can give spark where needed.

5. Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors

Mirrors are glass fixtures that reflect light from outside when properly placed in a home. You should buy as many of these accessories as possible and strategically place them in your apartment so that you can take a look at yourself before heading out of the door as well as enjoy the lighting from outside.

There is nothing that a little meticulousness cannot get you through. Use these tips to liven up the mood in your low-lit apartment.

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