Get the Info you Need on Your Apartment Walk-Through

So, you have cut your list of potential apartments down to a few choices that look attractive. You have already done your research exploring the neighborhood, reviews, and necessary information.

Now you are ready for the next step, the in-person walk-through. The in-person walk-through gives you a chance to get a real sense for an apartment, the complex, and the neighborhood. A personal visit is an actionable step toward imagining yourself living in the space.

The walk-through is one of the best chances to ask critical questions to make sure you get the home you need. Take advantage of your walk-throughs by making sure to get the most crucial information.


Apartment Security

Ensuring your safety is one of the most basic human needs. The safer a community or apartment complex is, the likely you are to have a better living experience. You can research crime in the city and the area to give you a general sense of safety.

When you are on your walk-through, check on the entrance policy to the complex (is there a gate?), the building locking mechanism, and where mail goes. Many complexes keep deliveries at the management office. Also, ask about any break-ins or safety concerns they have had in the past. This question can be uncomfortable, but the way they answer will help you understand their level of transparency.


Emergency Repairs

Even in the best, most modern apartments, emergencies will happen. Extreme weather and unforeseen accidents can cause problems at the worst of times. Most apartment complexes will have someone on the premises to help out with repairs. Check on the policies for after-hours issues. The answers you get can help you understand the apartment manager’s customer service values.


Plans to Update the Building

Change is good when your apartment complex will update older models, either the buildings or the appliances. These updates could be more amenities or greater comfort to you. There may also be construction areas in the area that you have to work around. Find out when the owner made the most recent updates to the complex (and all the buildings).

Here at Metropolitan Flats, we respect the big decision you have in choosing the right apartment for you. We are ready to answer your questions as honestly as possible to help you make the most informed decision. Want to go for a walk-through in one of our apartment communities? Give us a call today at (248) 588-1488.


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