The Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

There are a variety of dog breeds in existence which varies from region to region. However, some breeds are best for domesticating in the apartments. Apartment dog breeds need to be calm and less nervous. While the size of the dog breed is important while choosing the right dog for the apartment, you will notice that not all small-sized breeds are fit. For example, the Chihuahua breed can be a bad choice for your apartment although it is the smallest of all dog breeds. This is because of its frequent barking and nervousness. Terriers, on the other hand, can be kept in your apartment irrespective of their size, provided it gets proper training and exercise.

The Most Commonly Breed Dogs in Apartments

Greyhounds are large, but they can make perfect pets in your apartment. However, they need to undergo rigorous training and exercises to remain fit and energetic. The Yorkshire terrier is among the best breeds that can be kept in your apartment. This is because they have a lot of desirable characteristics. They aren’t barkers, and they are friendly both to people and other pets within the apartment. They can adjust to new conditions very fast.

A Maltese breed is equally suitable to be kept in your apartment because they lack an undercoat, which makes cleaning very easy. These dogs are also very calm and quiet; hence they don’t disturb people in the neighborhood with barking. They also like staying close to their owners, which makes them more suitable in the apartment set up. A Boston terrier and French bulldog are also quiet and calm. They are also mostly attached to their owners, which makes them good for keeping in the apartments. These dog breeds are easy to train because they learn tricks very fast.

Other Suitable Dog Breeds

Several other dog breeds can be kept in an apartment, which possesses similar characteristics as those mentioned above. These breeds include English bulldog, Basset Hound, Great Dane, and Greyhound.

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