Tips for Moving Your Pet into a New Apartment

Moving into a new place is tough for anyone. The change can be even more challenging for animals, especially cats and dogs. Take the following steps to keep your furry family member happy and relaxed during your move.

Keep Your Furry Friend in a Safe Room

Find a safe room at your old/original home for your cat to stay in while you move most of your items, especially the furniture. Make sure to stock the room with food, water, and a litter box. A few toys and a bed will give your cat something to do while you do the heavy lifting. For bonus points, put the cat carrier into this room with your kittie. The carrier will become less threatening when it is left out.

Dogs are a bit easier to manage. They can stay in the back yard if the weather cooperates. If the weather is weird or there is no yard available, it would be a good idea to put your dog in a room or in their crate.

Invest in a Comfortable Carrier or Crate

Wait, what kind of carrier should you have? Invest in a comfortable cat carrier - your little fur friend will appreciate the extra effort. Leaving home stresses cats. Whether they go to an unpleasant place such as the vet or a new place, your four-legged friend will not be pumped about the journey. A more comfortable carrier makes the trip smoother for them.

Especially with so much activity, your dog might get wound up. Consider putting your dog in a crate or cage during the move. This will help your fur-baby to stay contained keeping you safe on the road.

Introduce the New Place Gradually

Start your cat off slowly by introducing one room in the beginning. A new home overwhelms many people; animals can be even more particular. The more you can do to make them feel comfortable, the quicker the transition will be.

Set one room up as the foothold. Put water and food dishes in here and their litter and bed. Once they feel stable in this one room, they can start to move out to explore the rest of the apartment. This process may take several days. Try to keep the volume and energy levels low to help your cat feel safe.

Take the time to introduce your dog to the location for its bed and food. Begin to establish routines for alerting you of their need to go out while trying to maintain previous routines.


Metropolitan Flats has many can and animal-friendly options. Moving your family and your life is a big step. We are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Give us a call today at (248) 588-1488.


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